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Heartland Whole Health Institute is dedicated to transforming health care – beginning in the Heartland and scaling to disrupt the national health crisis.

What is a Whole Health Approach?

A whole health approach puts the patient at the center of a collaborative, preventative, and value-based care model. Whole health considers the needs of the whole person with the goal of preventing disease, improving health outcomes, and sustaining wellness.

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What We Do

Heartland Whole Health Institute advocates, educates, and guides the implementation of an innovative system, rooted in whole health and the realignment of financial incentives.

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In health care, a whole health care delivery model is ...

  • The patient’s journey from the time they seek health care to treatment and everything in between.
  • Reinforced by touchpoints of care that are rooted in evidence-based, whole health approaches.
  • Delivered by a cross-functional team that assesses individual’s needs across a range of physical, mental, behavioral, and social dimensions.
  • Activated by the individual, who is empowered by self-care tools and resources.
  • Made financially sustainable through value-based payment models.

Our Future Home

Construction of the Heartland Whole Health Institute facility is underway with the goal of opening in 2024. The 75,000-square-foot building includes office space and community gathering areas designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects. Heartland Whole Health Institute will be located on the campus of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas near Alice L. Walton School of Medicine.

Founded in 2021, the School of Medicine will offer a four-year, medical degree-granting program that builds on foundational sciences and clinical practices with a compassionate, inclusive, and whole-person approach to care. Pending accreditation, the School will welcome its first class of students in 2025.

Where it all Started

Founded in 2019 by philanthropist Alice Walton, the nonprofit Institute addresses physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being by working with health systems partners and communities.

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